Geometric Freehand Fail

Hello Lovelies!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!  I am finally back home after spending some quality time with family and am just getting back into the swing of things.  Today, I am sharing my freehand geometric design for the Freehand Nail Art Instagram challenge that I am participating in during the month of April (man! I can't believe it is April already!).

Materials I used:
Base Coat - Seche Vite
Silver polish - Cinema Swatch Lacquer's 'Smoke & Fire'
Black polish - from a Nail Art stripper
Detail Brush
Large dotting tool
Top Coat - Seche Vite

I began with two coats of my silver polish, this silver is one of the limited edition polishes from Cinema Swatch Lacquers second Walking Dead trio.  I love The Walking Dead and I love this polish which was created to represent Carol, one of my favorite characters.

This pretty grey jelly-ish polish is full of blue and pink shimmery flakies.  When I swatched these for a previous post I did not own a macro lens, but I do now.  Here is a macro shot, it gives you a much better view of how pretty this is...

I then used a small detail brush and black polish to draw different shapes on each of my fingers.  To create the circle I used a large dotting tool.

I then used the same small brush and black polish and outlined the shape in a spiraling pattern all the way to the edge of my nail.

I finished up with my usual clean up and application of top coat.  As you can see the top coat smeared the black polish.  I have been having this problem a lot lately.  I am deeming this a fail because of the top coat smear and because this is a less than perfect freehand design.  In my defense, I did paint this with my non-dominant hand after about a week long break.  I do like the design though, I think the triangle shape on my thumb is my favorite.

Oh well, this is why I practice.  I have another geometric design in mind, that I might create as a second entry for the Freehand Nail Art challenge, if I have time.  I'm off to do something else to my nails.  I hope you kind of liked this design, even if it is the best.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,