Lucky Lacquer Indie Polish Swatches and Review with Bonus Interview

I am so excited about today's post because I finally got my first set of indie polish and I had an opportunity to interview their maker. I have been ogling beautiful indie polishes that are posted all over the Internet but have been reluctant to make the leap into the indie world.  An opportunity arouse that I couldn't refuse so I took the plunge.

I discovered Lucky Lacquers through Instagram and have been drooling over the lovely bright 5-free creme polishes for weeks . She ran a promotion that made it so much easier for me to cave, so I purchased the entire Fleur series.   I am not disappointed even a little with the quality, the color, or the service I have received with my Lucky Lacquer purchase.

Before I place my order, I contacted the owner, Aruna, and we communicated back and forth a bit before I finalized my order. She was always courteous with her responses and very quick with each communication. Her caring responses gave me the feeling that she really values her customers which made me confident with making the purchase.

My first surprise came when I received my purchase, it was so cutely packaged. Each bottle was boxed, and most had hand tied ribbons as well. I felt like I was receiving a gift! I almost didn't want to take the bottles out of their boxes but of course, I had to and couldn't resist using them for very long.

In addition to the adorable packaging the bottles themselves are slightly unique. What I like about Lucky Lacquer bottles is that the bottles are an interest rectangular shape that makes them different than most but are still easy to store and display. The the Lucky Lacquer logo labels are simple and chic and fit the bottles perfectly. These bottles are 12 ml bottles choke full of beautiful opaque goodness.

I'm sure by this point your on the edge of your seats waiting to see these lovely polishes, right?  So, on to the swathes...All the swatches you will see on this blog post are done with two coats, though some of these colors, especially the darker shades only really needed one coat. The photos are taken under 75w LED daylight bulbs and are not filtered. They are also shown without a top coat of any kind.

First up is the soft pink "Fleur Rose". This pink shade has a slightly coral hue against my skin tone. It is a very easy color to wear and is great for just about any occasion.

This gorgeous pink is "Spring Charm" it is both rich and warm and just makes me long for spring time.  It is so cheery and inviting, I want to wear it all the time.

Lovely, lovely "Lavender"! This is a beautiful medium tone purple that leans just a little on the deep side. I'm not a huge fan of purple shades but this really compliments my skin tone.

"Teal We Meet Again", this color is absolutely amazing! It is a deep teal green with the most fantastic formula. This was opaque with one coat but I applied two for good measure. I think this makes a great fall shade because of its richness.

This medium green shade is "Mint Daisy". To me it's kind of a hunter mint shade that is strangely warm (in a good way). This is a great color for the coming seasons and I already plan on featuring it in some of my holiday nail art designs.

This bright, pastel, neon green is "Bells of Ireland". Is this not just the most eye catching green you've ever seen? This is great for accenting a design or wearing on its own, it really is a gorgeous color.

Say hello to "Dahlia". This lovely polish is a purple shade that has pink tones to it. I consider this a fuchsia color. It is so pretty, especially in person.

This little cutie is perfectly named, "Sweet Pea". This is a light, neon pink with just a touch of peach. I wore this over the weekend and I got many, many compliments on how wonderful it is.

In most collections I have acquired there is one polish that surprises me. In this collection "Alpine Phlox" was the surprise. In the bottle this polish appears to be a soft grayish, pinkish, purple but when I applied it, it took on a whole different life. Against my skin this appears to be more of a soft pale pink. This is the most gentle color in the group and its just perfect. It's great for wearing to work, or family outings, or anytime really.

Saving my favorite for last, "Forget Me Not". This is an awesome light, neon blue. I've said it a gazillion times before and I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for blue  shades, and I am head over heels in love with this color. Like a few of the other shades in this collection I already instead to use this polish in upcoming holiday nail art designs.

So, there you have it the complete Lucky Lacquer Fleur series. If I was to use one word to describe this collection it would be, perfect! The formulas are rich and creamy, the opacities are strong, and the colors are phenomenal. I was also surprised at how quickly the polishes dried without the use of drying drops or top coats. They dried much quicker than other polishes I have experience with. I also really like the width of the applicator brush, it is nice and wide, and if there is one thing I have learned it is that a wide brush equals quicker application.  I am so impressed with my Lucky Lacquer polishes that it will be hard for me to look at name brand polishes the same.

Since, Aruna, the maker of Lucky Lacquer was so kind I felt we should all to get to know her and her business a little better, and asked her for a small interview. To my excitement she agreed!  Here is that interview:

Q :When did you start Lucky Lacquer?

A: The idea of Lucky Lacquer polishes began earlier this year in April 2014. After months of hard work, I officially released the Fleur Series, my first collection, on October 1, 2014.

Q: What was your motivation to start Lucky Lacquer?

A: I have always wanted to start my own business. I started selling nail accessories and after a lot of research to grow my business, I decided to start making polishes.

I chose all-natural cuticle oil and 5-free nail polish because I wanted to give my customers what I would only use myself.

Q: Why the name Lucky Lacquer?

A: The name "Lucky" has personal significance to my husband and I from our childhoods.

Q: Do you have any kind of background as a nail artist or technician?

A: No. I am learning nail art as I go along. A friend of mine got me started on nail polish and designs back in college and I have been drawn to it since.

Q: Besides Lucky Lacquer do you have another career?

A: I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology and I am currently going for my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. This is currently my only career besides being a mother to my husband's two wonderful sons.

Q: Where do you get your color inspiration?

A: From my followers, friends, and family. I asked around for a while and picked the colors everyone liked. I love bright colors, so the Fleur Series had it all.

Q: Of your polish creations, do you have a favorite?

A: If I had to pick one, it would be Alpine Phlox.

Q: Do you have a favorite nail artist(s)?

A: Laura Merino of @lauramerino12 and Yasmeen (@sloteazzy). They are extremely talented and I always look to them for inspiration of all kinds.

Q: Do you have a favorite polish type? (ie creme, glitter, holo, etc)

A: I love cremes. I do love glitter as well but I detest removing it from my nails!

Q: What can we anticipate in the future with Lucky Lacquer?

A: A lot more collections based on what my customers like. I am introducing glitters for the holiday season to join as sets with the Fleur cremes. I am also looking into more scents for my all-natural cuticle oils.

The indie maker behind Lucky Lacquer, she's just as lovely as the polishes she makes!

It looks like we have some wonderful things to look forward to with Lucky Lacquer. I recommend you checkout Aruna's store if you haven't already. These polishes would be great to add to any collection and they'd also make great gifts too! You can use coupon code: Crystal for 10% off purchases in her store. There are some restrictions on this code so make sure to read the product description in the store.  Oh, and for all my international ladies (and gentlemen) they'll ship outside the United States, so you can get your hands on these lovelies too!

I hope you enjoyed these love swatches along with the insightful interview. I'm sold on Lucky Lacquer and I hope you'll love them as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time. 

Your Fellow Plebe,