Zombie Hands in the Moonlight Nail Art

This week's Blogger Braggers challenge color is yellow. So, I decided to create a yellow moonlight scene. Of course, it's Halloween themed, well because I love Halloween of course.  And what better theme than zombie hands for Halloween?  Well there is no better theme I can think of...

For my yellow I used my favorite yellow, Sinful Colors 'Let's Meet'. I used this on my pointer, mid, and ring finger. The remaining fingers I painted solid black using Nabi 'Black' polish.

I then used a black nail art stripper to create this ghoulish graveyard scene complete with zombie hands.

Oh and I made it a glow in the dark manicure by adding Sinful Colors 'Glow in the Dark' polish. I applied this over the yellow before painting my scene in black.

I love zombies just as much as I love Halloween and I'm super excited to have accomplished an interesting glow in the dark manicure. I hope you enjoyed this show n' tell of my little moonlight scene. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time. 

Your Fellow Plebe,