I have been looking for an excuse to do a green and purple combination nail art design and when I was looking over my new Halloween image plate from bornprettystore.com and noticed the little witch, I thought what better theme than a witch theme manicure. So I created these witch skittles using a variety of techniques…

Base and top coat
Purple, 2 shades of green, & gray polish
Black nail art stripper
Stripping brush
Image plate and stamp
Nail Vinyls
Glow in the dark polish (optional)

Witches Cauldron
On my thumb I painted a bubbling witches cauldron. For my base color I used China Glaze 'All Aboard' (from the All Aboard collection). I then topped that with two coats of Sinful Colors 'Glow in the Dark'.

Using a black nail art stripper I drew a half circle at the tip and filled it in.

Then using a green cream polish, in this case Zoya 'Tilda' (from the Tickled collection), and a stripping brush, I filled in a small portion of the black cauldron. The shape is almost and lens shape.

To make the witches brew bubble I used a dotting tool and dotted Zoya 'Tilda' above the brew and Zoya 'Stassi' (from the Bubbly collection) in the brew to give it texture.

Witches Hat
On my pointer I painted a very simple witches hat. I started out with my purple base color again and again topped it with my glow in the dark polish.

I then used my black nail art stripper and drew a very narrow (close to the tip) curved line and filled it in to the tip to create the brim of the hat.

Using the same nail art stripper I then drew a triangle atop the brim.

Then using my green cream polish and a stripping brush I drew a stripe along the brim and the base of the hat.

Witch Face Silhouette
On my mid finger I hand drew the silhouette of a witches face. I started with a base color of Zoya 'Stassi' and topped with my glow in the dark polish.

Then using a thin stripping brush and black polish I drew three lines somewhat horizontally from the side of my nail. These will be the brim of the witches hat, her nose, and her chin.

I then very carefully filled in that side of the nail, and created the contour of her face complete with a wart on the crook of her nose and her chin.

Witch Flying Across the Moon
On my ring finger I decided to use my stamped image of a witch flying on her broom stick. I started with a gray base color, China Glaze 'Five Rules' (from the Giver collection). I gave the moon a very slight amount of texture by taking a very small piece of sponge and dabbing a very small bit of a dark metallic purple over the surface. For my metallic purple I used China Glaze 'Choo-Choo Choose You' (also from the All Aboard collection). I then topped this with my glow in the dark polish.

I created the outline of the moon by using a thin stripping brush and my purple polish used on my thumb and pointer and traced the edge of my nail. Because my tips are squovals I had to curve the lower corners a bit more than the uppers, to create the round moon shape.

I then applied my witch stamp using bornprettystore.com image plate QA26 item #5689 and their black stamping polish item #1381 . Remember if you purchase from bornprettystore.com use coupon code: CREATEX31 for 10% off your purchase.

Witch Stockings
For my pinkie I did a simple stripe design representing witch stockings. I started with my sparkly Zoya 'Stassi' and topped with my glow in the dark polish and a coat of quick drying top coat.

After waiting for my base polish(es) to dry I applied to straight nail vinyls from nailvinyls.com horizontally across my nail. I cannot stress enough how important it is to wait for the polish to dry before applying vinyls or tape. Also keep in mind that the more layers of polish you have the longer it takes for it to dry even with a quick drying top coat.

With my vinyls in place I painted my purple polish over top and then quickly removed my vinyls.

I topped all my nails with a quick drying top coat once I was complete with the designs. I really love this spooky design and the purple and green combination. I'm particularly fond of the witch on her broom flying across the moon, especially in the dark when it glows.

I hope you enjoyed these witchy skittles, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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