Layered Dotticure

After yesterday's debacle I decided to got for simpler on today's nail art design.  I went this both a simple technique and color scheme (only two polishes).  I used dotting along with an iridescent glitter polish and a metallic polish to create this simple dotticure.

Base and top coat
Two polish (you can use more if you prefer)
Dotting tool (multiple sizes)

I started with mostly naked nails.  I applied my base coat but did not use any base color polish.  If you prefer you could use a clear pink base (like what you use with french tips).  I don't own any pink french base so I had to go without it.

For the first layer I started with my iridescent glitter, in this case Color Club 'Concrete Jungle', and with a medium-large dotting tool dotted randomly.  I concentrated my dots toward the tip of my nail and expanded up with each layer.

For the next layer I used a colored polish.  For my colored polished I used Color Club 'Night at the Met'.  I really like this blue, it reminds me of denim and has a little metallic shimmer to it.  With this layer of dots I used the same size dotting tool as the previous layer and allowed the dots to overlap occasionally.

I continued layering dots, alternating between the two polish, gradually expanding up the nail, and increasing dotting tool size with each layer.  I kept layering until I achieved the desired look and then topped it off with my favorite quick drying top coat.

After the nightmare I had with yesterdays nail art project this one was a dream to complete.  The dotting technique is really easy and with a layered dotticure you really can't do it wrong.  Using a simple two polish project made this quick and easy to complete.  I hope you enjoyed today's nail art design, thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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