Think Pink Galaxy Nails

For this week's #whatruwearingwed post I decided to do my weekly Think Pink nail art design for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have never done Galaxy nails before and I thought they would be a great tribute to those that faced breast cancer and did not survive. According to, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death of women. Of the estimated 220,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States approximately more than 40,000 will not survive. So, let's all take a moment and remember those that are no longer with us...

On to the nails...

Base and top coat
Black polish
3 or more shades of pink polish
White polish
Makeup sponge
Small brush or dotting tool

I started this design off with my favorite metallic black polish Revlon 'Black Star' appropriately named for galaxy nails.

To create the galaxy affect you'll need small pieces of sponge to layer your polishes. I simply ripped piece from a makeup sponge I had. I found the smaller the pieces I had the more control I had. Of course, the smaller the pieces the harder they are to hold so you'll most likely want to use tweezers to hold the sponge pieces. I ended up ripping the pieces in this picture in half or in thirds.

For my first layer, I used Zoya 'Dot'. This first color is a very pale cream, because I am going over black I had to do four layers. You want to apply the layers very thin to get the galaxy affect. I blotted my sponge on a paper towel before dabbing it on my nail. This helps to avoid blobs and smudging.  Simply use the small sponge pieces and dab and area of your nails, you want the layer to be semi opaque but loose so that the base color shows through slightly.

For my next layer I used Sephora by OPI 'What Aura Gonna Wear?' With this layer you want to keep the color mostly centered of your previous layer. Leave some of the previous layer showing around the edges.  I did two layers of this darker pink.

For my last galaxy layer I used Sinful Colors 'Glass Pink'. This polish is a mostly transparent pale pink sparkly polish. I used it primarily for the sparkle. I dabbed this layer over both of the previous layers but not over the entire nail. I think adding a sparkly or metallic polish really lends to the galaxy look.

To complete the look I used Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White' with a small brush to place small dots and star burst in and around my galaxies. After a little clean up I added my favorite top coat like (almost) always.

This nail art design is awesome and so incredibly easy. That means it's great for newbies and it's easy to do on both hands. I am so glad I finally got to try this nail art design and I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

I hope you enjoyed my #whatruwearingwed nail art design. I'd love to see what your wearing today, you can head over to my Facebook page and post your pictures there. Or if you prefer Instagram, post your pictures with the above mentioned hashtag and tag @polish_plebe. While your there like/follow me or follow me by clicking the "Join this Site" icon on the top right hand side of the screen or through Google+Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest. Enjoy the rest of your week, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,