Trick or Treat Nail Art Design

What's Halloween without Trick or Treating! I have so many fond memories of this 'sport', the candy, the costumes, the anticipation of a scare. I created this simple Trick or Treat nail art design using classic orange and black Halloween colors. I also show you an easy way to create a diamond pattern using chevron nail vinyls that is much quicker and consistent than taping the pattern with stripping tape.

Top and base coat
Orange and black polish
Small brush
Stamping plate and stamper
Black stamping polish
Chevron nail vinyls

I started this design off painting all my nails with OPI 'Can't Afjord Not To' except my mid finger which I painted with Revlon 'Black Star'. I really like this black because it has just a little bit of shimmer.

On my pointer and ring fingers I used two different Jack o'Lantern faced images from my image plate QA26, item #5689 (I used this plate last week in my Simple Elegant Spider Charm Manicure) along with my new stamper item #15851 and black stamping polish item #1381 (this stamping polish comes as a pair which includes black and white).

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On my mid finger I hand painted 'Trick or Treat' in 'Can't Afjord Not To' with a small brush. I cheated a bit because I only did this on my left hand. I was working on this late at night and didn't have the stamina to do both hands, sorry maybe next time.

On my pinkies I used my chevron nail vinyls from However, instead of lining up the chevrons evenly to create stripes, I staggered them so that the points touched. This creates a diamond pattern. I then used my 'Black Star' polish and painted over the orange, quickly removing my vinyls so that I didn't get any pulls.

On my thumbs I did a similar pattern as to that on my pinkies but did a continuous diamond pattern instead of a single row of diamonds. Using chevron vinyls makes this a much quicker process. The pattern is much more consistent than trying to lay this pattern with stripping tape too.

This nail design was really fun, and I'm really excited that I'm starting to get the hang of stamping. This design just screams Halloween (AAAAAHHH!). I wore it today to a family day hayride outing and it was just perfect. I really love fall, and Halloween! I hope you enjoyed this nail art design and I hope you'll try out that little trick using chevrons to create diamonds. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,