May's Freehand Challange Recap

Happy Monday Lovelies!  I can't believe June is upon us already, that means the year is about half over.  There is still so many more nail art goals I want to complete before the year is over, so I got to get in gear.  I am really happy that one of the goal that I am managing to complete (or maintain) is participating in monthly challenges.  Yup, I completed all the prompts in May's Freehand IG Challenge.  The Freehand Challenge is a great challenge because it gives you ideas to help you practice your freehand skills or help you learn freehand techniques you have never tried before.

Here is a quick recap of May's prompts...

The first prompt was Cartoon, which I did complete but did create a blog post for,  I did, however, post them on IG.  I created these Perry the Platypus nails, because he is my favorite character from my daughters favorite cartoon 'Phineas and Ferb.'  Seriously, who doesn't love a crime fighting platypus?!

The next prompt was for any kind of freehand over a gradient.  As you know gradients are my new favorite things, and this turned out to be my favorite nail art design that I created for this challenge.  I love everything about my 'Outline Flower Over a Gradient' design, the bright colors, the 'Fairy Dust' sparkle, and the flower design.  It was very difficult for me to remove this design because I loved it so much,

The next prompt was for a Nature design.  When I think of nature, I think of things that a green and growing, bright colored and pretty.  I was reluctant to create another flower design, but I'm happy I did.  I created these abstract vines and flower design for the Nature prompt

The last prompt of the Freehand Challenge was Favorite Color.  This leaves open so many realms of possibility.  I, of course, had to use blue but decided to also incorporate my favorite technique, gradient, and my favorite pattern, vertical stripes.  The resulting affect was this interesting Fading Stripe design,

With this last design I completed another month of the Freehand Challenge.  I have been participating in this challenge, since its start in April, and I will be participating in until I can no longer paint my nails or they stop posting the challenge, whichever comes first.  If you haven't tried out this challenge, I strongly recommend you do.  If you don't have IG, I've posted June's prompts at the bottom of this post.  If you are on IG, share your challenge manis with #freehandchallenge so that we can find them easier.  Even, if you are to shy to share you should still give it a try.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,