BEGL Fan Favorites Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies!  Today, I have swatches and review of five polishes from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Fan Favorites Collection.  I was very excited to swatch these polishes and to say the very least I was not disappointed.  It' is not surprising that the polishes are  fan favorites, each is unique, beautiful, and the formulas are great, but we will get into that a bit more with each swatch.

All of the swatches that you are about to see are photographed indoors under daylight lamps.  Sadly, the weather has been miserable here in New York, and the sun hasn't been seen here in days.  These polishes deserve to be photographed in the sun, but lamplight will have to do for now.  Also, I did use a generic glossy topcoat on all of the swatches you are about to see, and I used INM Ridge Free for a basecoat because I didn't want my nail ridges to affect the beauty of these polishes.   Shall we get on to the swatches then...

Wanna Fall in Love Tonight

This is described as a purple with glowing red shimmer.  To me it is a neon dark metallic purple that is absolutely gorgeous.  There are not to many purple polishes that I am fond of but this one is fantastic. 

This was mostly opaque with one coat but is swatched with two coats for good measure.

Individual full size bottle will be $8.50 and mini bottles will be $5.00

I Still Adore

This is an orchid pink holo with a gold to pink shift.  The holographic shift in this polish is intense.  Making it irrisistable and difficult not to stare at. 

Mostly opaque with one coat but swatched in two for good measure.

Individual full size bottles will be $12.00 and mini bottles will be $6.00

Cherry Blossom

This is one of the sweetest polishes I have ever laid my eyes on.  This is a baby pink with aqua to silver shimmer.  Honestly, my pictures do not do this polish any justice, this is an absolutely stunning polish. 

I was surprised by how opaque this was, it was mostly opaque with one coat but again I did two for a clean application.  My experience with light colored polishes such as this are usually so disappointing but the opacity of this just blew me away.

Individual full size bottles will be $12.00 and mini size bottles will be $6.00

Bound to the City Life

As most of you know I love blue shades and this is no exception.  This is a dark teal jelly jammed packed with teal, turquois, purple, and blue holographic microglitters. 

I have never been very impressed with jelly polishes but this is incredible.  The color is gorgeous, it applied so smoothly and so clean.  This is shown with only one coat, I didn't feel it needed anymore than that.

Individual full size bottles will be $8.50 and mini size bottles will be $5.00

Fierce and Free

This is such a complex jelly polish and one of the best jelly glitters polishes I have ever applied.  This is a medium orange or reddish orange that is packed, and I mean packed with glitter.  This jelly has gold, orange, red, and berry pink holo glitters, metallic microglitters, small glitter, and pink to gold shifting flakes.  This polish was based off of a photo from the Design a BEGL contest. 

I applied only one coat because that was all that was really necessary.  I was very impressed by the smoothness of the application and how well the glitters placed themselves.  Most of my experience with jelly glitters has been a frustrating process of trying to fish glitter out of a bottle after setting the bottle upside down for several minutes and then only get a few pieces.  This polish, on the other hand, was an absolute dream to work with.

Individual full size bottles will be $8.50 and mini size bottles will be $5.00


These five gorgeous polishes along with five other make up the entire Fan Favorites collection.  All polishes in the collection will be available in full size and mini size bottles.  You have the option to purchase individual bottles as well as the complete set.  The complete set in full size will cost $102.50, complete mini sets will cost $55.  Complete set prices and individual prices listed in this posting do not include shipping and handling.  BEGL ships both domestically and internationally (hooray!!! for all my international nail pals out there).

These will be available for pre-order for a 24 hour period starting Tuesday, June 30th at 3pm est until Wednesday, July 1st.  Be sure to place your orders within that time to ensure you get the polishes you want.  Any remaining polishes left over after the preorders have shipped will be added to her shop.

In addition, to the Fan Favorites collection BEGL will also be releasing the newest limited edition Siren Series, and Destination Duo Collaboration with a Rhyming Dictionary.  These polishes will not be a pre-order sale but a stocked items with a limited quantity available.

Final Thoughts

My first experience with BEGL was when I purchased the Indie Mani Bunny Box.  I was so beyond impressed with the quality, and appearance of Julie's polishes.  These polishes are just as, if not even more impressive.  The formulas are fantastic, the application is easy and smooth, and the colors...well you can see how gorgeous the colors are.  I highly recommend these polishes, BEGL offers something for everyone whether you like metallics, holographic polishes, jelly, cremes, you name it she offers it.  You will not be disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches of these lovely polishes, and found the review useful.  I am providing links below to BEGL social media channels so that you can find swatches of the other polishes she will be releasing, be sure to check them out.  Thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,