Fab Ur Nails XL Stamper Review

Hello Lovelies!  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have had terrible luck with stamping.  I often cannot get full images to transfer or the images come out faded.  Many of my problems are because of technique and lack of experience stamping, however, I believe part of my problem is due to the fact that I have very curved nails.  Before recently the stampers that I had were fairly firm.  I have had to press very hard to get an image to transfer onto my nail and even when using a rolling stamping method I still often had missing spots in the image.  After doing a bit of research I discovered that a squishy stamper would be ideal for someone with curved nails such as mine.  After a bit more research I decided to order a XL squishy stamper from Fab Ur Nails.

I decided to purchase this stamper set from Fab Ur Nails for two reasons: 1) the price is less than most other XL squishy stampers ($12 + s/h for everything you see above) and 2) they have excellent customer reviews.  It did take me a few weeks to receive them in the mail, but I was willing to wait.  The kit includes two stampers, two scrapers, and a buffer.

As you can see the set I order came with two stampers, a white one, and a blue one.  If you order a two pack like this you can choose a variety of others, but I picked blue because it is my favorite color.  There is no difference in the stampers other than the color.  The color stamper is ideal for picking up images with white polish.  This is particularly helpful if you are going to do reverse stamping (stamping decals) with white polish. 

I decided to try these out using black and white stamping polish from bornprettystore.com, these are the only stamping polishes that I have ever used.  They are not the greatest but they work well enough.  Using a variety of images from some Pueen image plates, I stamped images in black and white over black and white on a practice template that I printed from Black Cat Nails blog.  (She is an amazing blogger/nail artist that has many great DIYs and templates as well as great nail art, go check her out.)

Aside from being disappoint with the stamping polishes, and being really bad at lining the image up properly, the stamper itself works perfectly.  With the very first image it picked up and transferred so easily.  Of course, the real question is will these stampers transfer a full image onto my nails?  I decided to compare the rectangular stamper that I had been using against my new squishy stamper.

Using the far left image on Pueen image plate 25 and the black stamping polish.  I tried press straight down method first.  The rectangular stamper barely transferred the image because it was to firm for my curved nail, as you can see the image didn't transfer anywhere near the edge.  The Fab Ur Nails XL stamper, actually transferred the entire image but my aim was poor so that's why there is a void around the edge.

Next I tried the rolling press method, which had similar results.  The rectangular stamper transferred the image but not as well as the XL squishy stamper from Fab Ur Nails.

Here is a look at the entire hand.  It is quite obvious that the Fab Ur Nails stamper is far superior to the rectangular stamper.

I was so pleased with my new Fab Ur Nails stampers that I decided to go ahead and create this quick stamped manicure.  I used a Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White' for a base color, and stamped a floral image from Pueen image plate 25 in black over top.

I am so excited that I have found a stamper that has solved 95% of my stamping problems.  I can now create all the gorgeous stamped manis I've been dreaming of.  Now that I have discovered the perfect stamper, I need to find the perfect stamping polish.  I did receive an order of stamping polishes that I ordered a while ago that I will be trying out very soon, we'll see if they hold up to their reputation, stay tuned to find out more.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,