Matte & Metallic Nail Art

Happy Sunday All!  I hope you are all having a pleasant weekend so far.  We are enjoying another snowy day here in New York (said in my most sarcastic tone ever while rolling my eyes).  Even though I hate the snow, it does give me an excuse to stay indoors and get some nail art done.

Since I purchase the Essie Cashmere Matte collection I have had many ideas of different nail art designs I would love to create using them.  I decided to do something super simple, we'll call this a super simple Sunday nail art design, using matte and metallic polish.  I created this very easy dotticure with a stripped finger accent...

I started this out with Essie's 'All Eyes on Nudes' on all my fingers, except for my ring finger which is Color Club 'Antiquated.'  I also applied a quick drying top coat over 'Antiquated.'  Of course, you don't put a top coat over the matte polish because it will no longer be matte if you do.

On my accent (ring) fingers I applied straight nail vinyls from once my polish was dry.  Of course, you can use stripping tape, or scotch tape to create your stripes.  If you're really talented you can free hand your stripes.  I'll like vinyls because they are quick, easy, and create nice clean lines.  With my vinyls in place, I applied Essie's 'All Eyes on Nudes' and then removed my tapes.

For all my other fingers, I used the smallest dotting tool that I own and created this super cute tiny polka dot dotticure.  The size of the dotting tool I used is equivalent to the size of a toothpick.  Make sure that when you use any kind of dotting tool (toothpick too) that you occasionally wipe the tip.  If you don't the polish builds up on the end and you end up with different size dots.  When I was all done dotting I did a little clean up with acetone and a brush, and that's it.  Remember no top coat, unless of course, you don't want the matte affect.

What I like about this nail art design is that the similar color tones make the design subtle, yet the different finishes (matte and metallic) make it eye-catching.  I really like this design and I hope you do too!  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

P.S. What do you think of the new background?  I purchased a few different ones from my local craft store.  I'll be trying them out on different posts and I need an honest opinion.  If you don't like them I don't want to keep using them and if you love them I definitely do.  Thanks in advance for your input ; )