Textured Cable Knit

Hello Lovelies! This week's WNAC2015 prompt is Christmas Sweater. I've always liked fuzzy cable knit sweaters in neutral colors. However, I don't use gel and I've never worked with acrylic. So, I decided to try to make my own 3D texture.

Materials I used:
Basecoat: Yellowstopper
Essie 'Wrap Me Up' Cashmere Matte
Baking Soda
Dotting tool
I began with a solid base of matte polish. I used matte polish because I don't own any shiny sweaters.

I mixed a small amount of matte polish with baking soda. Using a dotting tool, I created a cable knit pattern. I had to layer this in some places to give it the dimension I wanted.

Once, I was satisfied with the pattern, I applied another layer of the matte polish to help smooth out the texture slightly.

Though the pattern is imperfect and a bit rough, I like the realistic feel of the overall design.  I hope you too enjoyed this design, and if you want to do 3D nail art without gel or acrylic I recommend you try the baking soda method. I've also heard of some people using flour to achieve the same thing. I'm curious if anyone has tried thismethod for 3D nail art? Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,