Secret Santa Sack Indie Collab Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies!  Today, I have swatches of four lovely polishes for you.  Back in the beginning of November I found an advertisement via Instagram for a Indie Secret Santa Sack, for an extremely reasonable price.  I love these kind of indie surprise collaboration sets, because it gives me an opportunity to try new polishes without any expectations.  The hard part is not knowing what you're getting and waiting to receive them.  This set came all wrapped up, ready for Christmas, and along with the polishes came a few extra goodies.  In fact, I felt kind of guilty opening these before Christmas but it's polish so I had to give in.

All the swatches you are about to see are applied over a DIY Elmer's glue peal off base, I use to make swatching go quicker, and are topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl who were not contributors of this indie collaboration.  All photographs are taken indoors under daylight lamps.

This collaboration set was a pre-order and is no longer available for order as a collaborative set.  However, each polish is available through the independent indie polish makers.  I will list details for purchasing as well as links to each makers site along with the swatches, so that you too can enjoy these lovely lacquers too.

SuperChic Lacquer - Notions of Ariel

I was first introduced to SuperChic Lacquer over this past summer when I was lucky enough to win a significant giveaway through Instagram.  So, I was pretty excited to see this little lovely arrive in my set.

Notions of Ariel is a beautiful medium/dark teal jelly that is packed full silver glitter, violet iridescent pieces, tons of holographic shimmer, oh and did I mention 1/2 carat weight of genuine crushed diamond crystals.  That's right actual diamond crystals! 

This polish is so lovely, and has so many interesting facets that its hard not to just stare at it all day long.  In addition to the polish being absolutely gorgeous, it also has a very interesting texture because of all the little lovelies bits and sparkles.

I swatched this in two coats but because it is a jelly polish you can adjust the desired opacity by using more or less coats.

Notions of Ariel is available to purchase at both for individual sale or as part of the Once Upon a Diamond Collection.  Individual full size 15ml bottles are $12 or you can purchase the full 7 piece Once Upon a Diamond Collection for $84 (prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes). 

Sweet Heart Polish - All That Glitters

Next up is another brand that I have past experience with through other indie collaboration sets.  Sweet Heart Polish has not disappointed me yet, and I was just wowed by this stunner when I opened the wrapping. 

All That Glitters is a stunning pinkish beige shimmer polish full of tiny silver flakies.  Under some lighting I caught a glimpse of a slight coppery shine too, which gave it a sort of rose gold appearance.

This polish is perfectly elegant, and because it leans towards neutral tones it is perfect for any environment or occasion.  Even though this polish is soft it is still very sultry.

Swatched here with three very thin coats, though you can probably get away with two coats if you prefer slightly thicker layer applications.  The application was wonderfully smooth too.

All That Glitters is available for purchase through Sweet Heart Polish's Etsy store, and is part of the Black Friday Trio.  As far as I can tell this is not available for individual sale.  The three piece set are full size 15ml bottles and can be purchased for $28 (prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes). 

Colores de Carol - Vintage Lights

This next indie brand is one that I have been oogling for a while now but have never had the pleasure of experiencing first hand, that is before now.

Vintage Lights is a clear base micro glitter polish.  The smaller pieces appear to be primarily silver and gold but is a holographic rainbow, sprinkled with slightly bigger hex glitter pieces in a variety of colors.

This polish is perfectly named, and looks exactly like Christmas lights.  The holographic shimmer makes this such an eye-catcher perfect for both accent nails and full manicures.

This swatch is one brushed on coat, topped with one sponged coat.  When working with clear base glitter polishes it's best to apply with a sponge so that you can maximize the glitter opacity without make the finish application too thick.

Vintage Lights can be purchased through Colores de Carol's bigcartel shop.  This is available for purchase as an individual full size bottle for $10 or as part of the 8 piece Winter/Holiday Collection which can be purchased for $72 (prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes). 

Sea Lore Polish - Divinity Isle

I am sad to say that before the arrival this collab set I had never even heard of this indie brand, but I am so happy to be introduced to it.  I am amazed that I haven't been introduced to this polish brand sooner.

Divinity Isle is a phenomenal white crelly polish full of iridescent shimmer and a variety of glitter gold pieces.

I have been swooning over this polish since I've first laid eyes on it.  I consider this a perfectly balanced polish, the creamy white base is just the right opacity and the quantity and quality of the glitter are perfect.  I really can't express how perfect this polish is, I have tried other crellies in the past that were too chunky or too goopy and this one just blew my mind.

I swatched this in three thin coats to achieve this opacity.  The application was so incredibly smooth, that if I was blind I would not believe that it contains glitter pieces.  The glitter pieces are perfectly suspended in the base as well.  I have had this polish for about a week, and I have not had to shake it, mix it, or set it upside down.  I also love the shape of the bottle, its unique but not so different that it won't fit my polish shelving.  I honestly, can't say enough good things about this polish.

Divinity Isle is available for purchase (along with their other pretty polishes) at Sea Lore Polish's bigcartel shop.  This is sold in full size 15ml bottles for $10 or in 7.5ml bottles for $5.50 (prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes). 

I am so incredibly happy that I purchased this indie collaboration set.  It was a great way to try some new polishes and to discover some new brands.  I was not disappointed with a single polish and know I will be using them all again in the future.  I hope you enjoyed these lovely swatches and found the review insightful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,