Minion Decals - Lady Queen Beauty Review

Hello Lovelies!  This weekend, we had a Minion Movie party for the Blu-ray/DVD release.  It just so happens that I was sent some really cute Minion water decals from Lady Queen Beauty for review.  So, what better time to try them out, am I right!

These adorable little water decals are Item #NA0761.  They come in 11 different styles, this is Pattern BLE1862. 

Sadly, because I was busy putting the party, I didn't have a great deal of time and failed to take independent photos of the application process.  However, these water decals are no different than any others.  Start with a clean dry base, I used China Glaze "New Birth" for my base polish.  Trim the decal, in this case I choose the three little singing Minions.  Then after removing the protective covering, submerge the decal in water for 10-20 seconds.  Remove the decal from the water, slide it from the backing and apply to your nail.  For smoother placement of the decal I recommend you moisten the surface of your nail with a bit of water, I simply dip my finger in water before applying the decal. (If you would like to see step-by-step pictures of this process checkout this post:

Because Minions love bananas I freehand painted bananas on my pinky finger over a base of Glisten & Glow "Blue on Blue" (which I recently purchased) with acrylic paints and a small brush.

I was never a big advocate of water decals, but I am quickly discovering their true value.  These water decals fit the theme of the party perfectly.  They are so easy to use, that it took me a fraction of the time it normally takes me to do a full freehand nail art design.  In fact, I was so busy setting up for the party, that if not for these decals, my nails would have been very boring.

So in short, do I recommend these water decals?  Yes, yes I do!  Besides who doesn't love cute little Minions?!  Okay, maybe not everyone loves Minions but Lady Queen Beauty has a huge variety of water decals, they're sure to have something you'll like.  As a tip for those newbie nail artists like myself, I suggest that you begin with small decals such as these Minions before trying a full nail water decal.  The smaller decals are easier to place, so they're great for plebes like me.

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I hope you enjoyed this nail art design and found the review insightful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,