Pinwheel Nail Art

The other day was an unusually windy day which led me to think of windmills.  Windmills led me to think of pinwheels which inspired me to do this design.  You'll need the following materials to do this design:


  • Base and Top Coat
  • 3 shades of polish
  • Striping tape
  • Small brush or toothpick
  • Large dotting tool

For this design I decided to use a fun playful palette of bright colors and I decided to alternate the colors so that each finger would be slightly different.  When choosing your color palette keep in mind that you will be layering the colors in this design.  Some light colors may not work well over some dark colors and often the layering changes the finished shade.  


Start by painting your fingers whatever base color(s) you choose and let them dry completely.

Once, your base color has dried completely tape a t‐shape slightly off  center of your nail.

Then tape and x‐shape over the t‐shape.  It should look something like this…

Then using your second color and a small brush fill in every other triangle and remove the tape.  Try to work quickly so that when you remove your tape you have clean lines.

With your third color and a small brush draw a line from the top corner of one triangle to to the middle of the next triangle.  Continue all the way around until you get back to the first triangle.  It should look something like this…

Fill in the center and around the triangles with your third color to create  the pinwheel.

With a large dotting tool and your base color make a dot in the center of the pinwheel.

Top with a fast drying top coat to seal your design.  This will smooth out the design and give it a glassy shine.

This fun playful design makes a great accent or full manicure and can be worn anytime of year.  If your skills are honed you can do this all freehand or you can tape each layer if your not feeling adventurous.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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