Easter Nail Art

Easter is right around the corner so I did a tutorial that involves four different designs that you can use together or independently. 

Base coat and top coat
A variety of pastel and bright polishes
Fan brush
Detail brushes
Dotting tools

Eggs in the Grass
Start with a pale blue or sky blue shade.

Then using a fan brush and green polish, brush the green polish to look like grass on the tip of your nail.

Using a medium dotting tool and various shades of polishes to draw egg shapes sitting in the grass.

Decorate your Easter eggs using a toothpick by dotting and striping them.

If your nails are longer or you have a large area open on the top of your nail use a dotting tool and white polish to draw in some clouds.

To make your eggs look like they are hiding in the grass use your fan brush and green polish and brush over the bottom of the eggs.  Don't brush too high and cover your eggs completely though.  And there you have Easter Eggs ready for discovery in the grass.

Easter Chick
Start with a white base color.

Then paint about 2/3 of your nail with yellow polish down to the tip.

Using white polish and a brush or a toothpick draw a zigzag across the top of the yellow section.  Then fill in the top section of the nail above the zigzag.

With an orange polish and a small brush or toothpick draw a triangle at the center tip of the nail for the chick's beak.

Lastly, use a black polish and a dotting tool to dot a pair of eyes on either side of the chick's beak.  There you have a cute little easter chick who has just hatched.

Painted Easter Egg
Start with a white base, I wanted mine to have a little  shimmer so I added a coat of OPI's I Juggle…Men.  

Add a horizontal stripe across the middle of the nail.

Then draw a stripe along the edge of the nail.

Fill in the top of the nail with a third color, I felt this helped create the egg shape.

With a fourth color and a small brush (you could use a nail art striper if you prefer)  draw a chevron pattern between the bottom and the middle stripe.

Then with a small dotting tool dot between the middle stripe and top section.  Creating a pretty painted egg.

Easter Bunny Ears
Start with your pale blue color.

Using a pink shade of polish create a slightly rounded french tip.

With the same color create a pair of bunny ears.

With a white polish fill in the ears.

I decided my bunny should be a girl, so I added a bow.  Using a purple polish and a small and a medium dotting tool, dot three dots. A small dot in the middle and two medium dots on either side overlapping  the middle dot.

To give the bow a little more dimension use a darker (or lighter) shade of purple and a size smaller dotting tool and dot over each of the dots that make up the bow.

To complete my Easter mani I repeated the  Painted Easter Egg design on my pinky.  This design is fun and can be modified in numerous ways.  Using brights and pastels makes this a perfect way to spring in to the Holiday.  Hoppy Easter to all you Polish Plebes out there!  Oh and don't forget to enter the Polish Plebe Starter Kit Giveaway.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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