Color Club's Safari Collection Swatches and Reviews

If you can't actually go on safari this collection will at least let you live it on your nails. I recently ordered and received this collection.  I only own 3 other Color Club polishes and was very impressed, so I had to get my hands on this collection.  To say the very least I was not disappointed by this collection.

1018 ‐ Lion's Den

This polish has a great formula, this is a two coat application.  This color has a lot of character, it is a gold metallic base with an iridescent that shimmers pink and red that show in the light.  This color really rocks!

1019 ‐Nail‐Robi

This polish has a fantastic formula, this is a one coat application.  The color is a beautiful rich creamy royal blue with just a hint of violet.

1020 ‐  Tribe & True

Another great formula on this polish, this a two coat application.  The color is an interesting earthy green with just a slight yellowish hue.

1021 ‐ Look Don't Tusk

This polish has an absolutely amazing formula, this is a  one coat application.  Light colors with a one coat application is an unusual phenomena, so I was very excited by this.  This color is a very creamy off white shade that is perfectly named.

1022 ‐In De‐Nile

Another light polish with an amazing formula, this too is a one coat application.  The color is a perfectly pale blue solid cream.

1023 ‐Safari Sunset

This polish also had a great formula, this is a two coat application.  This color is a nice peachy pink nude with a pretty gold metallic shimmer.  I really like this color it feels really elegant.

This collection is one of the best I've come across so far, the formulas are fantastic and the names describe the colors so well.  These colors are exactly what I would expect to see out on an African safari.  The light colors really compliment the dark hues and the whole collection is very well balanced.  I really like this collection, the color combinations are endless.

Need some inspiration try out one of these designs:

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