Give Your Hands a Little TLC

Spring is in full swing.  Mother Nature is reviving plant life, animals are coming out of hibernation, the sun is shining (most of the time).  While, Mother Nature is cleaning up after a long harsh winter so too are many people.  Spring cleaning is on everyones' schedule and Spring cleaning means getting your hands dirty.  Not to mention harsh cleaners and the number is does on your nails and skin.  So after a long dry winter and a tough weekend of cleaning treat your hands to a little extra TLC.

Start by removing your nail polish.

Then scrub your hands with an exfoliating hand soap.  If you don't have an exfoliating hand soap there are many recipes online for home‐made hand scrubs.  Or you can simple use a handful of table sugar and moisturizing hand soap.  I like to use a very generous amount of sugar because it dissolves with the washing process.  Be sure to scrub your cuticles well to remove any dead skin.

After scrubbing your hands, apply a generous amount of cuticle oil to your cuticles and nails.  Don't rub it in.  If you don't have cuticle oil you can use other oils such as baby oil, vitamin E oil, or extra virgin olive oil.  I often use vitamin E oil (I keep some around to keep my tattoos bright).

Then apply an abundant amount of your favorite hand lotion, I like to use baby lotion.  Don't rub this in completely either.

While your hands are still wet with moisturizer put them in plastic gloves or plastic baggies.

Then either wrap your hands in a towel or place them in oven‐mitts to keep them warm for about 20 minutes.  I don't own oven-mitts so I typically wrap my hands in dish towels.

When 20 minutes is up, unwrap your hands and remove the baggies or gloves.  Rub in any remaining lotion and enjoy your soft beautiful hands.

See you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,