China Glaze's City Flourish Collection Swatches and Review

This is a very large spring collection with 12 new polishes in all.  This collection offers 4 shades of pink, a shade that I consider to be orangish (though some might feel it to be more of a pink shade), three shades of purple, a beige, a yellow, a blue, and a green.  This collection offers the full spectrum of spring colors.  So, lets get to the review.

First up the pinks...

This is the lightest shade of pink in the collection. I was very disappointed with this formula, it took me four coats to get full coverage.  I would recommend priming with a white polish before applying this color. Though the formula is disappointing the color is not.  This color is a very pretty nude‐ish pink cream, that is soft, and elegant.

This polish has a good formula with two coat complete coverage.  This is an interesting color, it is a medium hot pink tone.  It is surprisingly easy to wear, and it is very eye catching without being too overpowering.

This is a polish with another good formula only needing two coats to get  full coverage.  This color is a very nice medium shade of pink that has just a touch of pearl shimmer in it.  This is one of my favorite colors in this collection.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the really beauty of this color on camera.  This color is very elegant, and mature. 

Another good formula with this polish applying very easy with two coats full coverage.  This color is a very bright neon pink.  This color reminds me of the 80's for some reason, fun and energetic.  I believe this is the brightest shade of pink of any polish I own right know.

I'm including this color in the pink section of this review but this color could also be considered an orage shade.  This polish also had a good formula with two coats application.  This color is a neon hot pink with a slightly orange hue.  It is bold and bright like Peonies & Park Ave.

Well that wraps up the pretty pinks on next to the purple shades.

This polish has a great formula.  I almost had full coverage with one coat but had to do a second because of a few thin spots. This is the lightest of the three purple shades.  This pale purple is beautiful, and is perfectly named. 

Another good formula polish with a two coat application. This color is a very bright but soft medium shade of purple. I don't often choose shades of purple but this is a good color to add to any polish collection.

Of the three purple shades this is my favorite shade.  This polish has a fantastic formula with a one coat application. This is the darkest shade of the three purple shades. It is a blueberry‐ish purple that I really like.  Oh, and did I mention I really like this color.  

So that finishes up the purples, all that is left is all those other colors that are not pink or purple.

This polish has a very good formula with a two coat application though I probably could have gotten away with one coat.  This is a very interesting color and is very unique compared to the rest of the colors in this collection.  It is a nice earthy, sandy, brown with a pearl‐essence shimmer (unfortunately you can't see that in the pictures, but it is really pretty).  I'm having a hard time determining if this is my favorite color in this collection or not. 

This polish had an okay formula, it took two coats to get full coverage on most of my nails but I had to do a third coat on a couple because of thin spots. This is a gorgeous robin egg‐like blue. It is very reminiscent of a signature color of a certain well‐known jewelry company.  I think this is my favorite color in this collection, however, blue is my favorite color and this is the only blue color in it.

Another polish with a fantastic formula with one coat coverage. This color is awesome! It is a very bright yellowy green.   

This polish also had a good formula with a two coat application.  This is a very unique color. It kind of reminds me of a taxi cab, or a school bus, but macaroni and cheese also comes to mind.

What I really like about this collection is that the colors are very bright and energetic.  The multiple tones in one color makes it easy to do gradiated designs like ombre sponging.  This is a very peppy spring collection that I feel will also work well during the summer months.  Need some inspiration for your City Flourish collection, try on one of these designs:

Dotted daisies using What a Pansy, Lotus Begin, In a Lily Bit, and Metro Pollen-Tin.

Random scotch tape stripes using Thistle do Nicely, Grass is Lime Greener, and At Vase Value.

Various heart designs using Spring in My Step, Petal to the Metal, and Strike a Rose.

Water marbling using Peonies & Park Ave, Metro Pollen-Tin, and Dont' Honk Your Thorn.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  What designs will you be doing with your City Flourish Collection? See you all next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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