SmArt Nails - Nail Art Stencil Product Review

I discovered SmArt Nails on Facebook and had been admiring the beautiful nail designs artist were creating with their product for a while. Just before the Holidays they held a Facebook giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners. I got to choose three designs, which was very challenging because they have so many unique and lovely designs to choose from.  I received these a few weeks ago and I finally had some time to try them out.

My first impression when I received the stencils was, these are professional. The packaging, the presentation folder are all professionally printed. On the back of the packaging has very clear direction that anyone can follow. Each set comes with ten stencils enough for a design on each finger. I decided to try out the heart design (P044) first. 

I started with a base color of Lucky Lacquer in 'Alpine Phlox,' & 'Lavender.' I then applied a quick drying top coat because I'm impatient. Just like with any other nail vinyls, stickers, or tapes your base polish needs to be completely dry before applying the SmArt Stencils.

When your base color is dry, place the vinyls, paint your second color and immediately remove the stencils.  This process is the same as any other vinyl or tape.

I wanted to see how well the stencil held up over multiple applications so I used the same stencil on all my fingers on my left hand. Between applications I patted the surface of the stencil with a paper towel to remove excess polish. By the third nail the stencil was beginning to soften. However, it never actually fell apart or lost its shape. It also stuck relatively well on all my fingers.

My final thoughts on the SmArt Nail Stencils are, they are really well made, they are a professional product, and though I didn't purchase these ones I feel the price they ask is very reasonable ($1.99/set). Some of you might be thinking, "okay, another nail vinyl supplier, so what?"  I suggestion you checkout their online catalog. Unlike most other vinyls that offer mostly geometric patterns, chevrons, and straights, SmArt Stencils have a wide variety of designs and patterns that are so much more detailed than most vinyls, offering many more options than most other vinyl suppliers.

SmArt Stencils are a great way to dress up a manicure. They are easy enough to use that anybody that can paint their nails can use them. If you don't have a lot of time but want to do a little something more with your nails SmArt Stencils can help you do just that.  I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future.

I hope you like this nail art and found this product review helpful. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time. 

Your Fellow Plebe,