Color Club Ticket to Paradise Collection Swatches and Review

Hello Beauties!  If you follow my Instagram feed you heard that I recently purchased two of the newest Color Club collections from Beauty Plus Salon.  My dear mother had gotten me a gift card for Christmas and I felt these collections were worthy of a good home, my home ; )  This lovely collection is Ticket to Paradise.

Frozen Daiquiri
Is this color not just absolutely delicious?!  This dark reddish fuchsia is just absolutely gorgeous!  It really makes me crave a frozen daiquiri.  This was nearly opaque in one coat, but I applied two for good measure.  This color is probably the most opaque color in the collection.  This swatch is shown without a top coat (in fact, all swatches you are about to see are without a top coat of any kind).
With the Cabana Boy
This color is so flirty, which is unusual for an orange polish.  I don't own many orange shades but this one is great.  It is more of a jelly formula, shown here in two coats you can see it is a bit translucent.  This has a very subtle and pretty shimmer to it.  Many of the polishes have this shimmer but it is more evident in some colors over other.  I really wish I had a macro lens, so you could see the true beauty in these lovely polishes.
Tiny Umbrella
This shade is absolutely adorable!  It's kind of a peachy coral-like shade with that slightly iridescent shimmer.  Shown here in two coats it is some what translucent, somewhat jellyfish like the previous color swatched.  This to me is the most mature shade in the collection and would be a color I would wear in a work environment.  I really like this color against my skin tone too!
Bermuda Beaches


Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again, pink is my least favorite color.  Even so, I am head over heals in love with the color.  This was the surprise of the collection for, there is almost always one.  You know that polish you bought just to complete the set, but then you fall in love and you wonder what you ever did without it, yeah that's this polish for me.  This is shown with three coats, because I wanted the opaqueness.  This is more of a jelly formula and is slightly translucent like most of the others.  This picture does not do it any just the iridescent shimmer in this just makes it absolutely gorgeous.  I hate to admit it but pink actually looks good on me.
Sea-ing Blue
Like always I am most fond of blue shades and this is no exception.  This beautiful bright sky blue shade is perfect.  Shown in two coats you can see it is somewhat translucent.  However, even without a macro shot you can see the pretty iridescent shimmer in this shade.

The Islands
I was very excited about this shade because I don't have many greens.  I feel that green polishes are often overlooked but can be really beautiful.  Though the color of this polish is really pretty I was a bit disappointed with the formula.  A first disappointment for me with Color Club ever.  For some reason I could not get this polish to apply uniformly on my nails.  It was thick yet streaky, I attempted to swatch this three times.  You are seeing the third application shown with two coats, you can see it is still a bit streaky.  I think for future use I will probably apply a white base color first and a top coat will probably help.  This too has that pretty iridescent shimmer and is probably the second most opaque polish of the collection.
All Inclusive
I was also very excited about this funky greenish yellow shade.  I own nothing like this color so its a great color addition to my polish hoard.  Sadly, though I had similar problems with this shade as with The Islands.  I would probably do the same thing and apply this over a white base polish.  I do think this and The Islands would make a great gradient combo.
Though I was disappointed with how a couple of the shades in this collection I was very pleased with the color selection.  It is a very diverse color selection that is fun and exciting.  Just the thing to liven up the spirit.  Winter is in full swing here in NY and this collection is just the ticket.  I have many plans for this collection in future nail art projects so stay tuned.
I hope you enjoyed these swatches and found the reviews insightful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,