Watermelon Nubbies

I think watermelon nail art designs are one of the cutest summer designs out there so I did my own interpretation on a watermelon nail art design for you.  So this "What are you wearing Wednesday?" is also a tutorial.

Top and base coat
Light green polish
Medium pink or light red polish
A green nail art striper (darker than your shade of green polish)
A white nail art striper
Black polish
Dotting tool (small to medium size)
Hole reinforcement stickers
Drying drops (optional)

Please excuse the nubbiness of my nails.  My yard work has been particularly tasking this last week and my poor nails did not fair well.

After applying a base coat, I applied my light green polish to my thumb and pinky.  I applied my medium pink polish to my pointer, mid, and ring fingers.  For this design I used colors from Zoya's Tickled collection, Tilda is the light green and Rooney is the medium pink.

After my pink polish was dry (I used drying drops to speed up the process) I applied the hole reinforcement stickers onto my nails.  I wanted the three fingers to appear as one slice of watermelon so I applied them so that the middle finger was mostly center and the pointer and ring fingers showed opposite edges (this will probably be more obvious in later pictures).

I then applied my light green polish above the stickers near the cuticle.

Working as quickly as possible I then drew dark green lines using a nail art striper to create the watermelon rind.

After removing the stickers I used a white nail art striper and lined the edge of the rind.  This helps give the design definition and hides any major imperfections.

I then used black polish and a dotting tool to create watermelon seeds.

To finish of the look I used the green nail art striper to create a watermelon rind appearance on my thumb and pinky fingers.  I intentionally made these lines wavy and irregular widths because frankly have you ever seen a watermelon with perfectly straight lines.

After a little clean up around the cuticles and applying a top coat to give it the extra shine this is what I ended up with...

I think this design is super cute and compliments my little stubbikins.  The colors are bright and vibrant perfect for summer.  This nail art design would be great to wear to a picnic or a bbq or for any reason at all really.  It is also a really easy design for beginners too because it doesn't have to be perfect to look good.  This watermelon design allows you to practice using different nail art tools like stripers and dotting tools without the stress of worrying about perfection.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial/What are you wearing Wednesday? post.  If you would like to show off what your wearing today head over to my Facebook page and share it there or share it on Instagram #whatruwearingwed .  While your there like and/or follow me to keep up with my blog.  And if you re‐create my watermelon design share them on instagram with @polish_plebe in the comments or #ilovemanicures and I may share them.  Until next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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