OPI's Coca-Cola Collection Swatches and Review

I am a big fan of Coca‐Cola.  Between there refreshing beverages and their pop culture, they have become an icon all around the world.  I was so excited when OPI announced that they were pairing up with Coca‐Cola to create a unique collection.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  However, I delayed purchasing this collection because I was going away on holiday.

As a consolation prize I visited The World of Coca‐Cola while I was on vacation.  If you are ever in Atlanta, Georgia you have to stop in.  The World of Coca‐Cola is a fantastic museum that catalogs the birth, expansion, and current standing of Coca-Cola.  I was hoping to find OPI's collection in the gift shop but unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to find it there.  So, as soon as I got home I ran to my local beauty supply store and purchased this collection.
Each color in this fun collection  represents a different Coca-Cola flavor.  For all the swatches below I applied two coats.  The coverage of the formulas in this collection was excellent even with the lighter shades.  Some of the darker shades really didn't require two coats but I applied two for consistency.

This color represents traditional Coke which is apparent by the name alone.  I personally do not own many red shades, in fact, this is only the second real red shade I have ever purchased. However, this color is really attractive.  Sadly, the color is a little thin, you can see in the pictures a dark spot on my mid‐finger.  This is a
bruise I acquired when I slammed my finger in a car door about a week ago.  Either way this is still a very refreshing red.

This color was inspired by Vanilla Coke.  I have to say that I can see myself using this color often in the future.  This is a beautiful cream color that is very much vanilla.

This color represents Cherry Coke.  This color is a very rich royal purple.  The formula on this color was so good and could have easily been applied in one coat.

This color represents Diet Coke.  This color is absolutely gorgeous!  I love, love, love this polish!  It is a beautiful shimmery chrome silver that is just so eye catching.  This is another color that I see myself using a lot.  The formula on this one was also fantastic and can easily be done in one coat.  Everything about this polish is awesome!

This color was inspired by Coke Zero.  This is a very interesting glitter polish that has a smoky black jelly base with red glitter specks.  With two coats it takes on an almost dark brown appearance.  This color perfectly represents Coke Zero, it almost looks like Coca‐Cola was poured on your nails.

This shade represents Sprite.  This is another absolutely gorgeous shade.  This holographic green has beautiful metallic green with purple and gold tones in it.  This color has so much character to it, it is really hard to show how great it is in the photographs.

This shade was inspired by Fanta Grape soda.  This is a perfect representation of a grape shade.  I'm not overly fond of purple but this color is very wearable shade.

This color represents Fanta Orange.  How about this polish?!  This is such a fun glitter polish.  The metallic  silver, yellow, and orange shades are perfectly set in a orangey-yellow jelly base.  This polish is just too much fun!

This is another shade that was also inspired by Vanilla Coke.  I have to say that this is probably my least favorite color in the collection and doesn't at all remind me of Vanilla Coke.  I felt like they just stuck a pink shade in the collection just because they were missing out on a pink shade.  However, it is still a decent shade of a corally pink and the formula was really good as well.

All in all this is a fun collection that I think represents Coca‐Cola well and vice versa.  So, if you are looking for a slightly healthier way to enjoy a Coke product this is a good way to do it.  So, the question is what's your favorite Coke product and do you like it's coinciding nail color just as much?
Coca-Cola Red is a dead match for the Coca-Cola labeling.
I hope you enjoyed these swatches and found this review useful.  See you all next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,