Anchors Away!

The finger nail fashion trend for this summer is very nautical in nature.  Anchors are at the top of the list of nautical inspired manicures lately.  So, I tried my hand at painting my own anchors to see if it was difficult or not.  I also tried a slightly different method for creating stripes too.

Top and base coat
White polish
Medium blue polish
Yellow Polish
Yellow glitter (optional)
Floss pick

After applying my base coat I applied two coats of OPI's Alpine Snow on my pointer and mid finger, two coats of Nabi's Lime Light on my thumb and ring finger, and one coat of Nabi's Blue on my pinky.

On my thumb and ring fingers I decided to add a little extra flare so I added Nabi's Yellowette.

I then drew anchors on my thumb and ring fingers.  Using a thin brush and my blue color polish I drew a straight line (the center of the anchor).  I then drew the anchor arms, by drawing a simple slightly curved line on either side of my line.  I then drew little  triangles on the end of the curves.  Lastly, I used a dotting tool to make a dot at the top of the anchor.

On my white fingers I wanted to draw lines but I didn't want them to be perfect.  I used a floss pick and painted blue polish on it.  I then created my imperfect lines by rocking the floss from one side of my nail to the other.  If you decide to create  these lines you may have to reload the floss with polish after a couple stripes.  If you don't apply enough polish or it dries out the lines will be very thin and the under color may show through.  If you overload the floss you'll end up with thick blobby lines.  You may find it best to apply thin lines and go over them a few times till you reach your desired opacity.

Perform a bit of cleanup around the cuticles and apply a top coat and there you have another variation on an anchored manicure.  Are you onboard with anchors or do you feel that anchors are over done?

  I think the nautical themes are fun and I'm glad I got to practice some of my freehand.  I also like the concept of using the flossing pick to create stripes but I think I need to practice this technique a bit more to get it a little cleaner.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and just as an FYI I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks so I will most likely not be posting anything on this blog for a bit.  However, I will still be up on Facebook and Instagram so follow me there for the latest polish plebe updates.  If you happen to recreate this mani share it on Instagram and #ilovemanicures or @polish_plebe in the comments.  Thanks for tuning in and I'll post as soon as I can when I get back.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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