Zoya's Spring 2014 Awaken Collection Swatches and Reviews

Spring has sprung and no other collection represents Spring as well as Zoya's Awaken Collection.  This collection consists of two soft creams and four polishes that have Zoya's signature sparkle.  

When do these swatches and reviews I usually like to comment on the formulas of each polish individually.  However, I am going to comment on all  the formulas of these six polishes right know, in one word they are perfect.  If you have read my most recent reviews on two other Spring collections I purchased you may have noticed some disappointment.  I seem to have poor luck with finding pale polishes with good formulas.  Well, I think my search is finally over.  With all these polishes even the two light colors I did not need more than two coats to get the perfect look.  On some of the darker colors I could have gotten away with one coat but decided to do two just for the sake of it.  So all the pictures below are with two coats of polish.

I am happy to present to you Zoya's Spring 2014 Collection, Awaken.

Dot ‐ ZP720

This is the perfect shade of pale pink.  It's a really nice cream with a beautiful shine.  This color is absolutely dreamy.

Cole ‐ZP721

Orange is a color you either love or you hate, but this one is a must have.  It is soft yet bright.  Between the cream finish and the color this one reminds me of orange sherbet.  Yummy!

Brooklyn ‐ ZP725

When I first saw this color I wasn't really sure if I liked it.  I was really surprised by how beautiful this color was once I put it on.  This is a yellowish gold color.  The signature sparkle that I've come to recognize as Zoya really makes this color sparkle like  the sun.  For some reason this color makes me think of Greek goddesses basking in the sunlight.

Dillon ‐ ZP723

This is a really interesting shade of green.  This color is a light to medium green that is strangely bright yet somehow earthy at the same time.  I think the color gives it the earthy look while the Zoya sparkle brightens it up.

Rebel ‐ ZP724

This color is simply fun!  If you haven't heard me say it before, well I'm going to say it again, blue is my favorite color.  This one is fantastic!  This medium blue is very energetic and super cute!  

Hudson ‐ ZP722

This color is also fun!  This medium shade of purple is very pretty on its own but Zoya added that sparkle that really gives it its WOW factor.

If you couldn't tell, I love this collection.  The colors just scream SPRING!  The creams are just the dreamiest and the metallics are so eye‐catching.  The formulas are fantastic, you really can't ask for anything more.  Though I haven't tried all the Spring collections out there I have to say, if I had to pick just one out of the ones I've tried so far, this collection would be it.

Need some inspiration for your Spring Awaken manicure, try one of these on for size

You may recognize this its from my previous post "Stamping into Spring".
I used a floral image and stamped it in black over Cole.
Here is a simple angled half n half mani using Hudson over Dot.
I couldn't make up my mind on this shifting stripes manicure.
On the left is Rebel over Brooklyn and on the right is Brooklyn with stripes painted in Rebel.

If you've got a favorite let me know in the comments.  I hope you are enjoying your Spring so far.  
Until next...

Your Fellow Plebe,

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