OPI's Muppets Most Wanted Collection Swatches and Reviews

The Muppets are back and they are going on a World Tour!  Disney and OPI have teamed up once again to bring us an awesome collection.  This collection has something for everyone, it has both light and dark shades, and glitter lovers they didn't leave you out.  This collection offers three fun new glitters, that are fun, unique, and pair up nicely with the colors in the collection.  I decided to introduce this collection by colors light to dark, and then the accent polishes. Without further adieu here is the review.

I Love Applause ‐NL M77
This is a super pale shade of pink very reminiscent of Miss Piggy herself.  The formula on this polish was not good at all.  I tried to get away with three coats and ended up doing four to get the desired result.  I was surprised because the few other OPI polishes that I have are much better than this.  I would highly recommend priming with a white polish before applying this color.  Though the formula was a big disappointment this color is a great spring color.  I can see myself using it in some floral nail art designs very soon.

Chillin' Like a Villain ‐NL M82 
This is a cute pale peach color that will also be great for spring.  Unfortunately this formula was very disappointing as well, taking three coats to get the desired look though I probably should have used a fourth.  From my limited experience with polish I've noticed a common trend with light polishes being very thin.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Miss Piggy's Big Number ‐NL M76
Blue is my favorite color and this one is beautiful!  It is a very royal blue with just a hint of violet, and slight shimmer.  The formula on this color was much better than the previous two requiring only two coats to get the desired look.  This color is very glamorous, just like Miss Piggy herself.

Kermit Me to Speak ‐NL M79
This is the color that made this collection so enticing for me.  This color is very dynamic and has many different facets.  The formula was not what I expected from OPI taking me three coats, though I probably could have gotten away with two if I had been more generous during the application.  This color is awesome though and difficult to describe it is a shimmery pale purple almost mauve‐ish color, but in different lighting it picks up shades of gold and green.  I really don't feel pictures pick up all the beauty this color has to offer.  

On to the glitters!  The glitters in this collection pair up with the colors very well and I found that even though each glitter paired up with a particular color perfectly, they also went along with all the colors.

Muppets World Tour ‐NL M75
I think this glitter is perfectly named, it has so much character just like the Muppets, not to mention it looks like a party in a bottle.  I'm not a huge fan of glitter primarily because my limited experience with it have all been disappointing.  This glitter, however, really changed my mind.  The formula on this one was great.  I didn't have to apply it too thick or have to put on more than one coat to get a great glittery look.  This glitter is full of shimmery silver micro glitter, with small white round glitter, and slightly larger pink, aqua, and gold round pieces.  If you are new to glitter or not a huge fan this is a good one to start out with.

Let's Do Anything We Want! ‐NL M78
This is another fun glitter with a good formula.  It required a little more effort to get the desired look than Muppets World Tour but not much.  This is a cute glitter full of small pink and white round pieces, small white square pieces with a sprinkling of large white square pieces.  I found the square pieces to be a nice change to your typical glitter.  Getting the larger white pieces where I wanted them was the only minor challenge I had to using this glitter.

Gaining Mole‐mentum ‐NL M80
This is a very unique glitter.  The formula on this one was very good too, but required some work because of its uniqueness.  This glitter is chalked full of random shape and size pieces in silver, gold, and copper.  It kind of reminds me of broken glass.  If you are a big fan of glitter but tired of the same old glitters this is a good one to add to your collection.

Int'l Crime Caper ‐NL M81

I saved this polish for last because it is the most diverse in the collection.  By diverse I mean that it can be worn by itself, it can be worn under glitter, or it can be used as a topcoat.  This is a translucent jelly‐like polish with a good formula, when worn by itself one or two coats gives it plenty of character.  This is a translucent milky white with an iridescent shimmer to it.  Worn by itself it is beautiful but add a glitter and it is amazing.

Perfectly named, use this as a top coat on any of the other colors in the collection and disguise it to take on a whole new character.  If you are looking for a top coat to change up your polish collection  this is the one to get.

Though the formulas in this collection were a bit disappointing the colors and the accents are wonderful.  It was not quit what I expected for a Muppets collection, but it is surprisingly glamorous and a whole lot of fun. So the big question is what color or combination will you be wearing to the premiere of "Muppets Most Wanted" this Friday?

Your Fellow Plebe,