Essie's Hide & Go Chic Swatches and Reviews

I am so excited to share with you Essie's new Hide & Go Chic Collection.  In all honesty I did not intend to buy this collection, but when I saw it in person I just had to have it.  I could go on forever about how great this collection is but before I do let me review the colors for you.

861 - Hide & Go Chic

I have always been partial to shades of blue, this is my new favorite.  The formula is rich, creamy, and smooth.  It took only two coats to achieve the desired look.  I am in love with this color it is so  elegant, and surprisingly warm for a shade of blue. Essie really hit the nail on the head with the color name too, this color is very Chic though you don't realize it until you wear it.

862 - Fashion Playground

Green is my second favorite shade of nail polish but it can be difficult to pull of, however Essie got this one right.  The formula was a little thin for my liking.  I would recommend priming your nails with white polish before applying this color.  It took me three coats to achieve the desired look without priming.  Even though the polish is a little thin it is still a fantastic color.  This minty shade is fun, playful, and very inviting.

863 - Romper Room

I am not a big fan of pink shades, particularly light ones but this is a must have to complete any polish collection.  The formula on this one was okay.  I applied two coats to achieve this look, but I feel like a third would have made it slightly better.   This pale pink really balances out the Hide & Go Chic collection.  This color is super girly and just too cute!

864 - Style Hunter

I was torn about this color in the beginning, it's pink but I don't like pink.  However, this color is so much more than pink.  The formula on this one is great.  It took me 2 coats to achieve the perfect look but I could have gotten away with one if my painting skills were better. This shade is hard to describe, it is kind of a hot pink with a little bit of a reddish flare.  To sum up this color it is energetic and exciting!

865 - Truth or Flare

Another favorite for me, a light shade of blue.  The formula on this one was good, I applied three coats for good measure but I could have gotten away with two. This color is a perwinkle-ish color, a pale blue with an almost lilac tint. This color is simply beautiful.

866 - Spin the Bottle

In my opinion no collection is complete without a natural shade.  This formula was great, taking only two coats to get the desired look. This shade is a perfect nude, light tan with just a touch of peach.  Using one word to describe this color: Perfect!

Being new to the world of nail art and all things polish, I don't have a lot of experience with Essie.  This collection has really gotten my attention and I would recommend it to anyone.  I am so in love with this collection.  The colors on there own are gorgeous and great to wear independantly but they also compliment each other.  This collection has endless possibilities and so many color combinations my head is swimming with all the great designs I am going to create.  This collection really is a must have!

Need some inspiration here is a couple of designs I've done with this collection already.

Entire Collection
Truth or Flare, Romper Room, and Style Hunter

Spin the Bottle, Romper Room, and Fashion Playground

Your Fellow Plebe,