Wave Scaled Gradient

Hello Lovelies!  The wonderful Ashley of Ochouseofdecals sent me some really nice wave vinyls for me to try out and I couldn't wait to do this nail art design with them.  This is one of a few ideas I have for these vinyls so keep your eyes open for more ocean scene nail art coming soon.

I really wanted to do a scaled gradient with these vinyls because I felt it was the best way to represent the ever shifting and changing sea.  I also took this opportunity to use a couple of polishes that I haven't gotten to use yet from the Christmas in July Indie Collab box set I purchased last month.

Materials I used:
INM Ridge Free basecoat
Digital Nails 'Follow the Water'
Paint Box Polish 'Polar Bear Club'
Vinyls from Ochouseofdecals (coming to her Etsy shop soon)
Ellagee Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask (for easier clean up)
Makeup sponge
Quick drying topcoat

Start off with one coat of the lightest color to be used in the gradient.  I was pleasantly surprised how opaque Digital Nails 'Follow the Water' was with only one coat.  This polish is fully opaque with 1-2 coats, depending on how thin or thick you like to apply your polish.  I prefer thinner applications, myself.

After prepping your fingers with a latex mask, (if you don't have a latex mask use scotch tape, or a watered down Elmer's glue mix to protect your skin) begin the gradient.  Because this is a scaled gradient concentrated the initial gradient close to the smile line of your nail.  You want to leave enough room on the nail to be able to perform the gradient at least twice. 
Once satisfied with the first gradient, apply a quick drying topcoat.  It is essential to use a quick drying topcoat whenever using any vinyls or tape, without it the vinyls will pull the base polish off when removed. 
When the first layer is dry apply a vinyl about midway across the nail, you want to have enough of a gradient visible on the top of the nail and enough room to create a nice gradient on the bottom too.  Cover the top area where the completed gradient is either with a latex mask or a piece of tape, to protect it from your next layer of gradient. 
Repeat the gradient process on the bottom half of the nail, exactly as you did on the top half.  When satisfied with the opacity and blend, remove all vinyls and latex.
As almost always perform any necessary cleanup with acetone and a brush and apply a final layer of topcoat to seal in the design and give it a nice shine.
I love ocean and nautical scenes and these wave decals are perfect for creating such scenes.  Keep an eye on Ochouseofdecals for these vinyls, they should be arriving soon.  She also has a couple other nail vinyls available along with lots of fun vinyl decals great for decorating with.  Here is a macro shot so you can see the wave detail better...
Also, if you are interested Ellagee still has some Christmas in July box sets left.  It is a really fun indie collab box that is just packed full of pretty polishes (like the two used here,) and nail goodies.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design and found the tutorial useful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,