I Went Shopping!

I'd like to start off by saying I am frugal. Okay that may be putting it nicely, I'm down right cheap. Why spend $20 on one polish when you can spend the same $20 and get four or five polishes?  I'm sure you've heard the saying, "you get what you pay for."  Well I've been curious if that theory holds true when it comes to polishes.

Most of the existing polishes that I own are ones that I picked up at the drugstore, department store, grocery store, or bought wholesale online. I probably bought them because they were on sale, or they really caught my eye and I couldn't live without them. They are mostly brands you've never heard of or generic cosmetic brand like Sally Hansen, Revelon, and such.

So, while I was out shopping last night I picked up some new polishes in a variety of price ranges. Some of these polishes are very popular brands and others you may have never heard of before. My intention is to test these polishes in a variety of ways and give you a full review.  The purpose of these tests will be to determine if these polishes are really worth their price tags. I will also be using some of my existing polishes in these tests.

Here is a quick overview of what I picked up last night:

Marc Jacobs
Price Range: $18 - $35
Color: 146 Stone Jungle
Price Range: $10 - $14
Color: Valerie - Bombshell
Sephora's Formula X
Price Range: $10 - $14
Colors: Voltage, Atom + Eve
Price Range: $5 - $10
Colors: 731 Sew Psyched, 843 For the Twill of It
Price Range: $5 - $12
Colors: ZP448 Annie, ZP637 Dual
Price Range: $4 - $15
Colors: NL F25 I Juggle...Men, NL Z12 From A to Z-urich, NL Z20 Yodel Me on My Cell, NL S63 Chicago Champagne Toast
China Glaze
Price Range: $3 - $12
Colors: 934 Swing Baby, 1146 Keep Calm, Paint On, 877 Towel Boy Toy, 137 Rainbow, 1155 Passion for Petals, 1085 Beach Cruise-r, 556 Seduce Me
Color Club
Price Range: $2 - $8
Colors: 836 Feel the Beat, 928 Antiquated, 843 Magic Attraction
In addition to these colors I also purchased some nail art polishes which I have never used. I don't have a steady hand so using them will be a challenge for me. I also purchased some makeup sponges to try some sponge techniques with. I'm really excited about trying out some of these polishes and putting them through the rigors of my crazy life.

I know there are a great deal of brands that I missed. Please let me know what brands are your favorites or ones that you would like to see tested. I'll post my testing methods and grading system soon and if you'd like me to try out any of these brands let me know. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to start with. 
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